Расписание и темы тренингов на 2018 год

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Our interactive workshops are designed to engage participants in discussing and examining their own teaching experiences, as well as providing them with new trends of teaching English language for immediate use in their classrooms

Дата проведения тренинга Преподаватель Название тренинга Содержание тренинга
25.08.18 Aliya Karieva Bringing technology into the classroom Don`t let yourself feel intimidated by new technology. Don`t let new words like blog or podcast confuse you. The rapid pace of new developments means that almost everyone is adjusting and learning by integrating technology. The important point to understand is that using technology is not a choice anymore. It is a necessity. Many of your students will be interested in using technology because it is exciting. In a world of full of sights and sounds it would be inappropriate to try and teach through the printed word only
29.09.18 Ekaterina Kazachenko Teaching English through songs Songs are highly memorable, highly motivating classroom resources. Most teachers are willing to use songs or music in class but quite often feel limited in terms of what they can do. In this session we will discuss why songs can be useful in language learning, talk about how to make songs meaningful and look at a variety of simple class activities
20.10.18 Aida Ishenbaeva Inquiry Based Learning In this session we examine the great potential of research project work in the Primary English classroom. Well planned and structured project work promotes the development of a very wide range of skills: language, content, cognition, creativity, collaborative learning, and ICT. It also gives appropriate precedence to meaning over form and works towards clear outcomes which young learners find motivating and rewarding
17.11.18 Aliya Karieva Teaching Exam Classes By the end of the session you will have a greater understanding of how to approach teaching exam classes. You will have looked at a range of teaching materials and activities which can be used in classes. You will have a better understanding of how to train learners in key strategies for these exams
15.12.18 Aida Ishenbaeva Putting Academic Words together! This session explores the Lexical Approach and its applicability in the EAP classroom. The session starts out with a short theoretical background of LA, which is then supported by practical activities. While looking at the practical activities participants will have the opportunity to focus on the purposes of each of the tasks individually. Importance will also be placed on course book materials that already support the LA or can be adapted easily. This is based on the various task types which participants can use to help their students remember lexis